Okay, I've come to realize that some brides have super powers! No seriously... Stephanie is a mom of three beautiful children (all under the age of 3 might I add), a nurse, and now she can add "Wife" to her résumé. Wow, that's a tall order...phew! This gorgeous couple had an all day wedding in West Orange, New Jersey at The Manor. It was my first time shooting here and I as I parked the car, I said something like "Holy...sweet mother of....", well you get the picture. This place is massive! I remember checking my FitBit at the end of the day and seeing 30,000+ steps! Gorgeous decor throughout every inch was just the start, because I had a blast shooting with these two. We shot from day, right into the night, literally which is unique because the ceremony was during the night while outdoors (tricky lighting and a huge thanks to my second shooter Joe Cav for helping me out this day). Usually, when I shoot wedding couples, I feel it's just the two individuals who are getting married. This was a bit different. The abundance of love these two have for their kids on a hectic day, like the one you get married on...was something beautiful to witness and be a part of. 

Simply put, this wedding was a reminder of how important it is to have family, because what's life, without those you love to share it with?