W-h-a-t-a-d-a-y! I'm not sure where to begin, honestly. The amount of unexpected surprises packed in a wedding day should be banned...nationally. It was cold and wet, with an extremely thick overcast that seemed to grow every minute. Yet, the day was perfect! I can't get enough of these two. Becca and Sam are one of a kind, and they certainly had a one of kind wedding for sure! They tied the knot in Fishkill, NY, at the gorgeous Lambs Hill venue. If you decide to go, make sure you bring a 4 wheel drive vehicle because the air is different up there. A small distance away from the town below, Lambs Hill is secluded with an intimate bubble of tranquility.  The fog and rain really set the stage for us.  In fact, the ceremony was moments away from being moved inside until Becca insisted that everyone get their umbrellas ready. Here we go, time to grab my jacket. Then, as soon as we stepped outside...man, prayer works! (Someone give me an "A-M-E-N" please) 

Laughter, tears, and love filled these New York hills. Live music set the mood just right. Man, there were so many awesome moments. Horses, vows, cake, and oh yeah, baby announcements! Yeah, I could never forget that. Everyone's reaction...it was my favorite part of the day. Congratulations Sam and Rebecca! There is nothing but love and the best of wishes as you start your life together with the greatest miracle you could ever ask for. 

A very special thanks to the team of people that made this day happen.