When I met Alvin and Viveca, they were finishing up their studies in ministry with a few weeks left before graduation. Usually, initial meetings with clients are about 30 minutes or so. This was different. There was a calming gentleness about this couple as we spoke for a few hours inside a little coffee shop uptown. At that point in time, my fiance and I had planned to get married in summer of 2018. Considering that we're both teachers, we thought we had things planned out pretty well. After Alvin and Viveca's wedding, we changed everything!

Alvin and Viveca shared their vows and married at the Brownstone in New Jersey. It's a cozy little venue that provides some surprisingly gorgeous outdoor scenery for such a small area.  And the windows throughout the entire ceremony room allowed perfect lighting for this perfect moment. Here are some of my favorite memories of the day.