....okay, I can't feel my fingers!

Who else would be crazy enough to go out with me and my camera (besides my fiance)!? These two crazy love birds, Tyler + Khayri. And we had a BLAST! I always knew I wanted to do a snow shoot with a couple, but honestly, with different schedules, and the random forecast of 10-inch snow in NY, while it's 23 degrees in February, well, let's just say it's not the easiest. That's also the same thought that comes to mind when actually shooting in the snow. (Big props to mountain hikers, WITH snow gear on, and we just went to Brooklyn Bridge Park!) Every 3 minutes I had to wipe my camera lens with a cloth because it kept getting wet, while trying to warm my frozen fingers through my gloves, oh and then the fogging issues! To keep everyone comfortable, we had to run back in the car, warm up, wipe off, regenerate, and repeat (about 3-4 times). And what else can I say besides it was so worth it! Tons of laughs, positive vibes, and ShakeShack burgers after...how could you have a better snow day?